Fifty Acres

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Fifty Acres is what I like to call suave - charming, confident, and elegant. Designed by Sue Palmer from Liquid Creativity and Georgia Nowak and Dhiren Das from Tone and Co, the fit out is simple, sleek and sophisticated. Found on the far end of Bridge road, Fifty Acres is the perfect spot to hit up after shopping up a storm.

Myself, I skip the shopping and kept my eyes on the prize. I head straight to Fifty Acres to meet up with the lovely Eve from Evelovelle for brunch.


Chorizo Scotch Eggs

I must say, cutting into a perfectly cooked egg must be one of life’s simple pleasures. But to bundle all that joy with the king of sausages, chorizo ? That my friend is a game-changer. The end result is a golden orb of beauty - gorgeously soft, velvety and meaty. Finished with avocado wedges, fresh spinach leaves, creamy seeded mustard mayo and a generous dose of sharp manchego cheese, I can say confidently that with no hesitation would I happily go through fifty acres for this, again and again.

Yoghurt Panna Cotta

Eve chose to go for a much lighter dish with her Yoghurt Panna Cotta. Surrounded by a forest of fresh fruits and toasted muesli, the panna cotta was velvety smooth, creamy and delightfully wobbly. Wobble wobble.

Simply put, Fifty Acres ticked all the right boxes and only furthers my love for Richmond. Joining the likes of Top Paddock, Kong BBQ, Pillar of Salt, Jinda Thai, and Three Bags Full... the list is never-ending. 3121 is where it’s at.

Fifty Acres
65 Bridge Road
Richmond, VIC 3121

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