Grand Trailer Park Taverna

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Melbourne’s burger scene just keeps on giving. Seriously Melbourne, you are really too kind.  

Of late, it seems that Melburnians have been hopelessly infatuated with Grand Trailer Park Taverna - brain child of Dani Zeini (the man behind the acclaimed Pavilion) and Joshua Lefers (design mastermind behind Pawn & Co. and Big Dog Creative). Located on the site of what was once Happy Palace, the space has now transformed into an east coast trailer park inspired wonderland. So of course I had to see what the fuss was all about.  


First of all, I'd have to say Grand Trailer Park's burgers would have to be one of the sexiest burgers out there at the moment, inside and out. Because you know, it's not just all looks, the inside counts too.

My my my, boy was my burger loaded. The 100% Aussie beef pattie matched insanely well with each element of the Atomic: the molten chilli cheese of the kransky, the intensity of saltiness of the crispy bacon, the creaminess of the American cheddar cheese, the smokiness of the BBQ sauce to the gourmet touch of truffle and cayenne. The lightly toasted brioche bun didn't hold back either, it was all butter. The Atomic ? Explosive. 

The Chunk - Double Double 

On the end of the table, BK tucked into The Chunk - Double Double, a monstrous burger made of 2 premium Aussie beef patties, double oozy American cheddar cheese, smoky caramelised onion, hot jalapenos, thinly sliced gherkins, American mustard and tomato sauce on a light toasted brioche bun. Oh, and of course he took it to the next level with an added potato mac and cheese croquette and crispy bacon. All smashed in a matter of seconds. His chips on the other hand were just meh.

Kinder Surprise / Surprise Milkshake

And to wash everything down ? Spiked milkshakes of course. I'm usually one to eat my calories rather than drink them, but these babies, I could not pass up. Each and every one sounded amazing.  

BK went straight for the Kinder Surprise, a frothy concoction of pure chocolate spiked with Frangelico and Baileys. And so I thought, heck, I want a surprise too.  The result ? A thick, velvety creamy fusion of chocolatey goodness and peanut butter. Nothing to dislike about that ! 

If you’ve been hunting for a spot to sink your teeth into some serious burgers, Grand Trailer Park is the place to be. Heart stopping burgers (heh) and wickedly devine milkshakes. What more can one ask for ?

confessions of a little piggy was invited to dine as a guest of Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Grand Trailer Park Taverna
87 Bourke Street  

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