Axil Coffee Roasters

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Melbourne weather is unpredictable, we all now that. So to wake up to clear skies, and warm light on a winter's day was a cheerful start to the day. Like every other Melbournian, this translated to a nice lazy Sunday breakfast out, and today we got our fix at Axil Coffee Roasters

I really do love visiting eateries here, there and everywhere. Not only for the food or coffee, but for the dining experience. In particular, I love to see how they use their space, the decor and the ambience. Having said that, Axil is one of the many that really has me wowing over their interior. How quaint are the details of the lighting and the wall of pot plants ?

Every item off the menu sounded inviting, from the sweets selection, specials to the everyday mains. Both my friend and myself are big chatter boxes, the I-talk-so-fast-I-have-no-time-to-breath kind, and we had loads to catch up on. As a result, our waiter patiently came back time after time to check if we were ready. And finally, after the fourth time, we were ready. 

Skinny Flat White

Now, Axil being a specialty coffee roaster, and owned by one of the best baristas in Australia, Davis Makin,  it only seemed right to order myself the single origin of the day. Today showcased the specialty coffee from Brazil Clovis. Smooth and full bodied, my skinny flat white went down well with hints of strawberry and orange.

  Scrambled Egg and Chorizo Breakfast Wrap with Rocket, Avocado & Tomato Salsa

I'm not one to usually order scrambled eggs, normally opting for poached eggs for that yolk porn goodness. But today, the thought of golden pillows of eggs was too tempting. And boy, I never knew a wrap could looks so inviting, just feasting my eyes on this only made me hungrier.  Filled with fluffy folds of scrambled eggs, thicks slices of spicy chorizo, this breakfast wrap was gigantic! Topped with rocket, fresh cherry tomatoes and creamy avocado, the flavours together made a mouthful of heaven. And yes, I did manage to finish the entire dish.

Bircher Muesli with Raspberry, Cherry & Yogurt Sorbet

My friend decided to go for a healthier option. Having had an entire weekend of eating out breakfast, lunch and tea, she opted for the lighter choice of Bircher Muesli. Now, both of us having made Bircher Muesli before ourselves, we know it's pretty easy and simple. And for it to be a dish to make it's way onto a menu, we would hope it was pretty darn special. The result ? Deliciousness. Soft rolled oats, mixed with a combination of cherries and raspberries, and garnished with almond flakes. And of course, we can't forget the scoop of yogurt sorbet that crowned the dish. The friend titled it the best bircher muesli she's ever had.

On this busy Sunday morning, staff were warm, patient and attentive despite our endless chatter and indecisiveness. Breakfast was top notch and value for money. If you're yet to visit Axil, head on over – it’s worth it.

Axil Coffee Roasters
322 Burwood Road 

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