Huff Bagelry

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So what do I do, when my exam is just around the corner ? Obviously, the answer is spend hours choosing where to eat, eating and then add a few more hours on to blog about it. I know, procrastination at its best.  

Let me introduce you to the ever so popular Huff Bagelry. It's that café, the one with the endless streams of people in and out, in and out. You know the one. Upon walking in, you are greeted by the sweet smell of fresh bagels and aromatic coffee beans. Filled with warm lights, friendly smiles and colourful cushions, Huff felt extremely welcoming, like home.  Home sweet home. 

Soy Latte & Skinny Flat White

We started off with a coffee each, soy latte for him, and of course a skinny flat white for myself. I'd say it was a pretty decent cup of coffee and did it's job just fine.

Autumn Brekky Bagel

Oh, would you look at all that goodness ! Sandwiched between a crunchy garlic, salt and rosemary bagel was chopped egg, generous layers of ham, a delectable beetroot relish and melted cheese. Toasted, this baby was truly a great combination and we could not get enough of it. I'd love to see a new addition of a 'Winter Bagel', and what geniosity they would incorporate in it !

#3 Chicken aoli, lettuce & avocado

And here's C being an awesome hand model. C had originally ordered his # 3 with a poppy seed bagel, only learning minutes later that they were all sold out. And this was only at 1.00pm in the afternoon. Yeah, I told you Huff was popular. Given a few options, C chose the sesame, onion, garlic, salt and caraway bagel as a substitution. We had both started on the awesome Autumn Brekky Bagel and so had hopes for this dish. Not on par as the first, but still did the trick for a tasty lunch.

Here at Huff, I had nothing to huff and puff about. After a lovely lunch of delicious bagels and a promising caffeine hit, I was ready to go into study lockdown. 

Huff Bagelry

112 Koornang Road

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