Chez Dré

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My last visit to Chez Dré was premature, and so I'm back. I told you I'd be back.  How could I not be ? Chez Dré is home to the most amazing and high quality house-made french style sweets. Having said this, I did take my sweet time inspecting each picture perfect goodie behind the glass counter till I made my final decision.

Flat White

Hazulnut-Praline Crunch

A perfect cube of tonal browns - a base of chocolatey goodness, followed by layers of both delectable chocolate and hazulnut mousse. In contrast, the top was balanced with hazulnut praline and sprinkled with flecks of gold leaf. This was like a Ferrero Rocher gone super-saiyan. I loved the play on texture and dimensions in this dish, from the cumbly base, the melt-in-your-mouth mousse, to the crunch of the praline. 

Lychee, Raspberry and Coconut Petit Gâteau

In't this the cutest jelly mound you've ever seen ?  Of course, even the inside looked as perfect as the exterior. Each layer was executed beautifully. From the cool refreshing lychee jelly, sweet raspberry tier, to the heavenly coconut base. With so much contrast between the taste and the texture of the different layers, every spoonful was luscious, soft and left me asking for more. 

Everything and every thing about each dessert was flawless. The creativity, presentation, the textures, and the fusion of flavours were all perfect. It was everything I had hoped for plus more.

Chez dré

287 Coventry Street
South Melbourne

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