Shine Café Bar & Lounge

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I've been going to The Glen a lot more recently these past few weeks. And boy are there a lot of eateries to choose from there. With a large hungry crowd of twelve, Shine made the perfect spot at The Glen to fill our rumbling tummies.

Salmon & Asparagus

I was stuck on choosing what to have for brunch today. Yes, me, the little piggy stuck in a rut. After much deliberation, and a recommendation from a friend that works at Shine, I chose the Salmon and Asparagus. I hardly order Eggs with hollandaise for two main reasons. One, it will go straight to my thighs. Two, hollandaise is really hit or miss. On arrival, my dish looked ever so sinful. We start with a toasted thick slice of ciabatta. This was followed by folds and folds of smoked salmon, crunchy spears of asparagus, and poached eggs all smothered in a golden chipotle hollandaise sauce. The addition of chipotle added a nice kick to the rich hollandaise. The dish overall filled the empty spot, or should I say hole in my stomach, but was nothing outstanding. I would have loved it if Shine had a few more bread options, like sourdough or multigrain. 

Jumbo Breakfast

Synonyms of jumbo: enormous - huge - vast - immense - gigantic - tremendous. 

I'm just going to let the dictionary do the talking in this one. Served up was toast, eggs lemon-thyme mushrooms, grilled tomato, sautéed baby spinach, crispy bacon, sausages & parmentier potatoes. My friend commented that his breakfast was "really good"and the bacon was cooked exceptionally well. He polished off the whole plate and was one happy chap.

Overall, Shine was a comfortable place to start our day, to rise and shine. The food at Shine sticks to the basics and plays it safe. For a handful friends, Shine is the place to be for breakfast. But for me? I look for a little more. Still, on this occasion, our gathering here was the punshine to our day.

Shine Café Bar & Lounge 
74-76 Kingsway 
Glen Waverley

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