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The little brother wanted to go to Shyun. And only living less than one kilometre away, it was an easy and convenient choice. A few years back, I used to visit Shyun quite frequently, for catch ups and  for quick snack attacks of Takoyaki. And seeing as it had been a while since my last visit,  I obliged.

 Niku Udon

First came the little one's Niku Udon. The broth was thin, light and flavoursome, with thick udon noodles that were wonderfully chewy and full of bounce. However, both of us were not big fans of the beef as it was as dry as a bone. I watched the little one slurp down the noodles happily.


It wasn't until the Niku Udon was completely finished until the Takoyaki and my Bento Set arrived.  No explanation, no apologies. Though a little smaller in size, these Takoyaki as always, hit the spot. 

Bento Set

For my Create-Your-Own-Bento, I chose to add on Miso Katsu Chicken and Sukiyaki Beef to the set rice, salads and potato mash. The deep fried breaded chicken was very crispy with a crunch to it. However, I found the chicken to be far too crispy, leaving it quite dry. The Sukiyaki Beef was simmered with onions resulting in a delectable and sweet flavour. However, there was a downside to it - it had come out in an awkward lukewarm temperature. As the little one had finished his dish long ago, it was him who sat watching me eat this time. I ended up giving up on my meal and asked him to finish it off for me. 

Aside from the basics - that is the noodles, rice and soup, I'd have to say alongside the hiccups in service, everything else was missing the mark. I left Shyun filled with disappointment and an empty stomach. But, hey. That was just my experience.

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