Spilt Milk

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Welcome to Carnegie's very own Spilt Milk. A newcomer to Carnegie, Spilt Milk has certainly made an impression with the locals. And not just the locals have they got tied around their little finger, having made a name for themselves in The Age Good Cafe Guide 2013, Spilt Milk is attracting coffee enthusiasts far and wide.


For me, I chose the Rosella - a chicken salad with cherry tomatoes, avocado, walnuts, croutons, and cranberries drizzled in honey, with a side of spiced aioli. All of which were attending a party in my mouth. In just one mouthful, there was a wonderful play in taste and texture, from the buttery walnuts, sweet cranberries to the creamy spicy aioli. However, one thing I did notice was that the salad leaves were a little bruised. No doubt that they were fresh, I assume the chef was just a little rough when handling these delicate greens. Nonetheless, a very impressive salad !


When I think of toucans, I think of brightly marked colourful bills. And here, we see Spilt Milk translate those characteristics of a toucan to this dish. Vibrant colours of red juicy tomato, freshly picked green basil,  a spread of earth green nutty avocado, and buffalo mozzarella on rye toast with reduced vinegarette and olive oil. 

With such personal friendly service, affordable pricing and amazing coffees,  Spilt Milk is now my definite go to for caffeine hits.  Here, there is definitely no crying over spilt milk.

Spilt Milk
288 Neerim Road 

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