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With everyone being so busy with doing their own thing, it is our family dinners that have suffered the consequences. However, with much planning ahead, we finally fit one in. Hooray ! So it was without question, that we Dad's favourite Chinese restaurant, All People in Burwood East.

Now, when it comes to Chinese, Dad's definitely the expert. As always, he ordered a selection of roasts to start us off. This is before the man even sat down ! Whilst we all devoured the delicious meats, Dad calls over the head waiter to ask about the seasonal prices of crab and orders our next course. 

Pi Pa Duck

All People does roasts extremely well. And hands down, one of the best Pi Pa ducks I have ever had. Extraordinarily crispy skin, juicy tender meat and served with hoisin sauce, this dish was AMAZING.

Chinese Roast Pork Belly

Glistening Pork Belly. Crackling. Need I say more ?

Mud Crab with Ginger And Spring Onion

Fully prepped with moistened cleaning tissues, finger cleaning bowls and crab crackers, we were ready for our next course. To start off, we had our first mud crab the traditional way- Ginger and spring onion mud crab on a bed of egg noodles.

Mud Crab with Salted Duck Egg Yolk

From a mile away, I could smell salted duck egg yolk. It has that distinctive fragrant smell that my whole family loves. Coated in delicious salted duck egg yolk, the crab meat was fresh, juicy and sweet.  

Deep Fried King Prawns with French Goose Liver Pate 

 Generously coated in rich, smoky liver pate, these prawns were divine. The prawns were bouncy in texture, slightly firm giving way to that juicy crunch.

X.O Crocodile 

This dish would have to be the lowlight of the night. Rather than the juicy flavourful crocodile meat we were all expecting, the meat lacked flavour, and was quite bland. It seemed that they simply tossed it through the X.O sauce, rather than letting it cook and absorb the sauces. 

Chinese Doughnut Sticks

Chinese doughnut sticks to accompany the X.O crocodile.

To finish off, complimentary fresh fruits and red bean soup were also served.

With attentive staff frequently providing fresh bowls and plates, and making sure your tea is always topped up, All People remains my Dad's favourite restaurant and my family's number one pick for Chinese roast meats and mud crab.

All People
12/2-8 Burwood Highway 
Burwood EastVIC

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