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Let's go Mamak (lah) ! It was a cold cold night in Melbourne, and Roti was on our minds. And so, walking the streets of Melbourne in shoes not so suitable for long walks, we arrived at Mamak, blisters and all. A new comer to Melbourne, Mamak's roti has won over many. Proof ? The hungry Melbournians lining up outside on this nippy weekday night.

The menu here at Mamak is quite limited, but I suppose in terms of mamak style food, this is what they usually sell. Specialising in rotis there was also a handful of curries, rice noodle dishes and beverages. I guess they concentrate on what they do best, rotis, And that's something I can't argue with.

Roti Canai

This was what we came here for, what everyone comes here for. The freshly made roti was easy to tear apart and was soft, flaky, buttery and fluffy  - like "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die" fluffy. We doused this with the  two curries  and sambal it was served with. The rich curries had a nice kick to it and was just enough for us to mop up. Extremely satisfying.

Nasi Lemak with Curry Lamb

I was interested to see how well Mamak did their Nasi Lemak, arguably Malaysia's national dish. The fragrant coconut rice matched well with the slow cooked lamb was delicious and tender, and had a nice amount of heat to it. Though the portion of curry lamb was a little on the small side. The spicy sambal accompanied the boiled egg well, alongside a generous amount of crunchy peanuts and crispy anchovies. And of course some cool cucumbers to relieve the heat. Though tasty, this Nasi Lemak was not memorable.

Here at Mamak, the bare walls and floors gave way to a lot of background noise. Coupled with super close tables and wooden stools, it wasn't the most comfortable place to eat at. But hey, that's mamak style for you. Would I return ? For the roti, yes - but takeaway.

366 Lonsdale Street 

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