Long Dragon Dumpling House

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It was 4.00pm, probably one of the hardest times to find something to eat. Breakfast is definitely finished, lunch is over, and dinner is yet to start. Cue: dumplings. 4.00pm is dumpling time ! So, Long Dragon Dumpling House it was.

Every time I go into the city, or anywhere that is North or West of Melbourne, I drive past this dumpling joint. However, I never gave it much thought. One day, just as my mum and I drove past, we thought, why not ? Taking a U-turn we made our way back. At 4.00pm, the restaurant was empty, and we had come to find we had intruded on the staff having their dinner ! However, with a bounce in her step, the Boss Lady greeted us in Chinese and welcomed us in. 

Fried Pork Dumplings

Dumplings ! Dumplings are simply the best. These dumplings in particular reminded me of little golden money bags. Nice and crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. The pork and vegetable filling was a good ratio, however a little more ginger wouldn't hurt anyone. Having been drained, I was especially happy to see that these babies weren't drowning in oil.

Shanghai Fried Noodle

And then of course, you have to order the Shanghai fried noodles. Everyone knows that. 

Spicy Fish

Wanting a little more variety, we also ordered the (not so) spicy fish. Surprisingly, the spicy fish here wasn't fully submerged in oil, like what I was accustomed to. Despite not being so spicy, it just meant I could eat eat and eat without worrying about the evil tingly peppercorns. 

Half slurping her noodles, and half serving us, I reckon she did a pretty good job. And honestly, I didn't mind at all. I actually felt more comfortable this way. I mean, we were at a dumpling house anyway. Overall, it's not the best dumpling house on offer, but if I were in the neighbourhood at dumpling pm, and looking for something easy, I would definitely pop in for a quick bite.

Long Dragon Dumpling House
322 Kings Way 
South Melbourne 

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