Red Cliff Chinese Restaurant

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Most people turn to ice cream, chocolate or sweets for comfort food. I however, turn to chilliesIt's proven that consumption of chillies releases endorphins, and as a result gives you that 'feel good' feeling. Thus, bringing me to Red Cliff.

Red Cliff is an authentic Hubei resraurant found just off the forever growing Koornang Road in Carnegie. Neighbouring Sichuan, Hubei cuisine and cooking methods are very similar to Sichuan cuisine. They are supposedly known to not hold back in the chilli department. I say supposedly, as I beg to differ.

Double Cooked Pork Belly

Thinly sliced salty pork belly  stir-fried with garlic shoots, onion, capsicum and young bamboo shoots. The crunchy sweet garlic shoots went well with the pork belly. However, it was a pity that the pork belly was too fatty and not crispy enough. Maybe it should have been triple cooked.

Cumin Lamb Slices

I must say, lamb, cumin and chilli must be the best combination ever. Heavily spiced with chilli and cumin, together with spring onions, red onions, coriander and sesame seeds, this dish was an absolute delight.

Hot Spicy Beef Slices
Scorching red chilli oil and peppercorns floating on its surface, this dish looked lethal. This was filled to the brim with juicy beef slices, chillies, peppercorns, bean-shoots and spring onion. However, it was to my disappointment that I hardly found it spicy at all.

Sesame noodles 

Directly translated as a “big bowl of hot dry noodles”, it was pretty accurate. As promised, this was indeed a big bowl of hot dry noodles. These traditional Hubei noodles were firm, chewy and nutty. The fragrant sesame flavour was very strong, leaving it a little too dry for my liking. Though quite tasty, I didn't have much of this dish as it seemed very bloating. 

With a heavier hand with the chillies and spices, I believe the dishes would have been much tastier. Leaving Red Cliff with my chilli needs unmet, I was a little disappointed.

Red Cliff Chinese Restaurant
358 Neerim Road 

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