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Strolling in at 1.00pm, my mum and I were out looking for something yummy a very very late breakfast. Checking my 'to eat' list, today was Giddiup's chance to shine. 

With St Ali just a minute away, and  Chez Dré a few metres ahead, this little café could be easily missed. Good thing I kept my eyes peeled. Sticking to the basics, this café kept it minimal with black and white. On this surprisingly sunny day, I wanted to be greedy and soak in as much of the warmth of the sun as I could and so, I made my way to the table closest to the elongated windows. Moments later, a friendly waiter came over to inform me that we ordered lunch and paid at the counter first. This was when, to my disappointment that I found out that breakfast was no longer being served. Breakfast closed at 11.00am. Silly me. In response to my reaction, the waiter let out a friendly chuckle, and advised me that there were soups and rolls that I could order at the counter. Making my way over, what was on offer was selected, but there was still enough to choose from to please most brunchers. As always, mum gave me full control, and trusted me to order the dishes for both of us to share.

My flat white was amazing, exactly how I liked it. Strong flavour, not bitter and extremely smooth. Sipping away at my flat white, I was rewarded with that caffeine hit that I loved.

Pork Roll

My eyes sparkled with glee and mouth drooled as the waiter brought over this vibrantly coloured roll. The crispness of the warm bread contrasted nicely with the tender pulled pork, while the apple coleslaw complimented it well with a little bit of tang and sweetness. To pull it altogether was a beautiful jalapeño sauce and gruyere cheese. Both mum and myself agreed that the flavours were refreshing and taste bud exploding.

Lamb Soup with Olive Sour Sourdough
This lamb minestrone was packed with lamb, tomatoes, zuchinnies, carrots, onion and barley, and full of flavour. Tearing and dipping the Noîsette olive sourdough bread in the soup, this dish made a nice light lunch
All in all, I ate both dishes greedily and licked my fingers at the end. Friendly and efficient customer service,  nice clean space with delicious food, this café was a a big thumbs up in my books. What impressed me the most was the pricing - good food for insanely great value. With majority of dishes at $10, Giddiup is truly a wonderful bargain. A definite mustang out place.

269 Coventry Street
South Melbourne

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