Auntie's Dumpling

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Dumplings. My brothers always reply with dumplings. Sometimes I don't know why I even ask. With queues forming every day of the week, Auntie's is no stranger in Carnegie, or the dumpling world. Here at Aunties, it isn't the prettiest restaurant of all, but the food is fast, cheap and hearty. And so became a place I visited every week in my high school days, to load up on carbs for very affordable prices. But times have changed, and now, I only visit when the brothers call the shots.

Boiled Peking Pork Dumplings

They have perfected their dumplings here, and have consistently delivered for many years now. The morsels of doughy chewy skin encasing generous fillings of pork, ginger and shredded vegetables are juicy and delicious. Watch out for the squirting juice when you bite in !

Fried Chicken and Prawn Dumplings

I think it's also worth nothing that Auntie's fry their dumplings exceptionally well. Golden, fluffy, crispy, and most importantly, they don't arrive soaked in oil. The chicken and prawn dumplings were as equally tasty, but nothing ever beats the original peking pork dumplings.

Shanghai Fried Noodles

Shanghai fried noodles, the other dumpling house staple. Wok tossed with Chinese broccoli, Chinese cabbage, carrot and pork strips, these thick chunky noodles were chewy, greasy and had a balanced flavour of soy sauce, sesame oil and sweetness. 

Beef Noodle Soup

This was a pretty standard dish, and was also the last dish to arrive. By now, all of us were feeling a little gluggy form the all the heavy carbs. Not wanting it to go to complete waste, we only ate the vegetables, which were fresh and plentiful.

Of course you get all the pleasures of a Chinese takeaway shop, a little cramped and a little noisy at peak hours, with language barriers here and there. Do be careful when ordering, and make sure to confirm your orders. There have been a few times where orders of ours have been mistaken, but nothing that can't be fixed. Despite the bits and bob that can be improved, the dumplings here are surely unbeatable and are what brings the boys to the yard.

Auntie's Dumpling
68 Koornang Road

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